When you buy a Christmas tree in Cleveland, you then have to decide how to take care of it! Luckily, caring for your fresh cut Christmas tree is pretty easy. One of the most important steps is taken care of directly on our lot: a true fresh cut. When Christmas trees are cut at the farm, they seep sap, which creates a seal on the bottom of the tree. Before taking your Christmas tree home, it is important to create a fresh cut (done on-site with a chainsaw at the CLE TREES lot). This will open up the pores to absorb water, and Christmas trees can absorb a lot of water, 1-2 gallons per day.

Once you get your tree home, make sure you place it in a stand that is large enough, and maintain a water level above the cut. If the water falls below the cut, it will allow your tree to seal over again, and make it absorb less water. Check the water level daily and refill as necessary. 


Make sure you put your Christmas tree in a safe location. This means away from radiators, fireplaces, or any other fire hazard. Christmas trees burn bright and hot, so keeping them safely away from heat sources is vital.

Finally, while many different companies sell additives for trees, the best water for your Christmas tree is plain tap water. We all know about the wonder of Cleveland municipal water, so let your fresh Fraser Fir in Cleveland experience that Cleveland water for itself.