Fraser Fir is the colloquial name for the Abies fraseri. This tree is a fir native to the Appalachian mountains in the Southeastern United States. It is found naturally only in Western North Carolina, Southwest Virginia, and Southern Tennessee. Even in these areas, it is only grown at certain elevations. Native Fraser First in these regions will be the strongest, healthiest, and prettiest Fraser Firs available, though they are now being grown through seed transplants in some other areas out west, or the Midwest.

Fraser Firs are one of the most popular choices for Christmas trees. When you are picking a Christmas tree lot in Cleveland, make sure they have Fraser first in stock. It is the variety of tree most often used indoors at the White House, because of its many positive attributes. Fraser Firs have soft needles but firm branches. This makes it easy to hang ornaments without getting ‘needled,’ and it means the branches have the strength to hold up under even heavier ornaments. They have a wonderfully fragrant smell, often mimicked by candles or other “Christmas Tree” scents.


Fraser Firs also retain water wonderfully. This is really important for a tree brought into the home. It means the needles will be fresh and vibrant, not littered all over your floor. Similarly, it means that you can buy your tree at Thanksgiving and have it last through the entire holiday season. When you are shopping for a Christmas tree in Cleveland, getting a fresh cut Fraser Fir from CLE TREES is the way to go.